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8:30 am     Workers arrive

8:45 am     Inside activities 

09:45 am   Snack  

10:00 am    Outside time

11:00 am     Circle Time 

11:15 am      Inside activities / TK activity time 

12:15 pm     Lunch

12:45 pm    End of school 

1:15 pm       Working parents finish clean up 


Please note that this video shows TelHi before the pandemic, and our school during the 2020-2021 school year, when we offered both in-class and virtual options. You may see children attending zoom meetings- the computers would not be used in a normal school year, when we would do these activities together in class.

Our Curriculum - Learning through Play

Each day, children are offered activities designed to help them learn. Activities and projects range from art, science, and numbers.

Sensory-motor and fine motor development are important, so there is always a sensory activity, such as play-dough or water play.

Classrooms are equipped with puzzles, manipulative toys to develop fine motor skills, easel painting, train sets, building blocks, and a dramatic play area, which is updated frequently.

There is a large gross motor area which we developed with the aid of an occupational therapist in order to provide a variety of activities ideal for sensory-motor learning.


The younger children spend more time learning social skills by playing under the calm guidance of their primary teacher, Andi. They participate in many activities which develop fine motor and gross motor skills, including play-dough, art projects, and building activities.

The older children spend time investigating more advanced projects, based upon their current interests. Recent project areas include dinosaurs, geology, mail and writing, and insects. Margaret likes to use her musical background to incorporate the performing arts into circle time, along with dance, stories, and other activities.

The two classes will choose class names early in the year, as a group bonding activity.

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