Founded in October 1954, TelHi Co-op provides a healthy, safe, and stimulating environment in which children can develop socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.




A cooperative nursery school is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, democratic organization where each family shares in the planning and operation of the school. Parents participate in the program on a rotating basis, serving as assistants to a professional nursery school teacher and staff. The efforts of parents and their direct involvement during the school day make parent participation nursery schools a unique educational endeavor. At our school, all of the administrative functions, maintenance, and fundraising are performed by the parent members rather than by paid staff members. Our school is a state-licensed child-care facility and a non-profit 501c3 corporation.




Some of the benefits of participating in a Cooperative Nursery School include:

  • Each child gains the ability to relate to and communicate with other children, as well as adults.

  • Each child experiences a variety of play equipment, expressive materials, and media, resulting in a positive attitude towards learning.

  • Each child also gains self-esteem. Parents gain an opportunity to learn and develop with their child as well as an increased awareness of the role of education in developing an effective and satisfying family life.

  • The community gains children who are learning respect for others, and families with a sense of community responsibility.

  • As a result of parent participation, we have lower costs. Our current tuition is $530/month


Margaret Thrupp 

School Director + Senior Class

Margaret has been with TelHi since 2015. Previously, she worked in several coops in the city, including 11 years at Playmates in the Sunset district. She is passionate about the co-op model, which allows the possibility for wonderfully unique programming and offers a rich diversity of culture and experience in the classroom.

Margaret is from Sydney, Australia, where she studied music and education, and worked as both a music teacher and a performing musician, including working in the Australian Opera Ballet Orchestra. She moved to San Francisco in 1992 and went on to study early childhood education at City College of San Francisco. She completed her MA in Elementary Education (Performing Arts) at SFSU in 2005.


Margaret enjoys teaching preschool children because they are smarter than anyone realizes and have such funny and original things to say. She likes to do many things with her class, including messy science projects, open-ended art, writing stories and letters, exploring the patterns in numbers, singing songs, and reading good books. But best of all she likes to talk with her students, because you never know what they will say.

Joe Luger grew up in southern California and moved to SF in 1997.  He has a BA in physical geography, has earned a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and holds a Site Supervisor permit.  Joe has continued to take classes in Early Childhood Development and emphasizes a policy of love and respect.

Joe has been a teacher since 2007 and has exclusively worked with preschoolers since 2012.  He loves to share his interest in music, natural history and the importance of trying to make this world a safer and happier place for all people by striving to instill kindness and capability in his students.

Joe Luger

Junior Class

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